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HiPaint mod apk

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App NameHiPaint -Sketch Draw Paint it!
GenreArt & Design
Size84 MB
Latest Version5.0.10
MOD InfoUnlocked Everything
Get it OnGoogle Play
UpdateJuly 11, 2024

Download HiPaint MOD APK v5.0.10 for Android with Premium Unlocked Everything. Sketch, draw, and paint with this powerful digital painting app.

Unleash your inner artist and bring your creative visions to life with HiPaint MOD APK. It is a versatile and user-friendly app that transforms your digital device into a comprehensive art studio, offering a rich array of sketching, drawing, and painting tools. Whether you’re a novice doodler exploring the basics or a seasoned artist perfecting your craft, HiPaint Premium APK provides the perfect digital canvas.

Its intuitive interface, myriad customizable brushes, and vibrant colour palette empower artists of all levels to create stunning masterpieces anytime, anywhere. With HiPaint, you can tap into your creativity and redefine the limits of digital art. 

hipaint apk for android

What is HiPaint?

HiPaint is a comprehensive drawing app developed by Aige specifically designed for digital painting and sketching. It supports tablets and digital pens, making it suitable for artists looking to think and create with ease. The app features an array of sketch brushes, including ink, oil, flat, charcoal, and airbrushes, all optimized for a better and more realistic drawing effect.

With 90 customizable brush parameters, users can adjust the stroke and brush parameters for a smoother and more realistic drawing experience. It also includes professional tools like symmetry and allows artists to work with up to 100 layers, providing a larger creative space.

HiPaint’s simple user interface ensures that beginners and professionals can easily navigate the app. The app’s real-time drawing effect enhances the illustration process, making it natural and intuitive. 

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How does HiPaint -Sketch Draw Paint it! Work?

HiPaint—Sketch Draw, Paint it! is a versatile digital painting and sketching app for novice and professional artists. It offers rich tools and features, including customizable brushes, layer support, and real-time drawing effects.

With support from Huion tablets, HiPaint provides a seamless experience for digital painting and sketching, making it a go-to app for artists seeking functionality and creativity in their work.

  • Canvas and Tools: Upon opening the app, you’ll find a blank canvas to create your artwork. HiPaint offers various drawing tools, including brushes, pencils, erasers, and shapes.
  • Sketching and Drawing: Choose a tool and start sketching or drawing directly on the canvas. Adjust brush sizes, opacity, and colours to your liking.
  • Layers: HiPaint supports layers, allowing you to organize your artwork efficiently. Create multiple layers for different elements (background, foreground, etc.).
  • Color Palette: Access a wide range of colours from the palette. Mix custom colours or use predefined ones.
  • Undo and Redo: Did you make a mistake? No worries! Use the undo button to revert changes. Redo lets you restore any actions you’ve undone.
  • Save and Export: Save your artwork within the app or export it as an image file (JPEG, PNG, etc.). Share your creations with friends or on social media.
hipaint drawing ap

HiPaint MOD APK – Best Drawing App

HiPaint MOD APK is the best drawing app, offering a wide range of standard and delicate brushes for all your art needs. It provides 90 customizable brush parameters for better precision and control, ensuring a realistic drawing effect for kings. It is perfect for both painting and drawing as it offers a variety of tools, including artwork such as leaf brushes, crayons, and stamps.

With saturation adjustment, you can bring your art to life effortlessly. The simple user interface is designed to enhance creativity, offering a simple user interface to give ease of use and a user interface to give larger workspace.

HiPaint MOD APK interface gives artists more space to think and create their masterpieces, enriching the overall user experience with its versatile and extensive brush options. Try it today for a seamless and engaging drawing experience!

Key Features of HiPaint APK Latest Version

The HiPaint app provides a comprehensive digital art studio that gives users more space to think and create. With 90 different types of common and delicate brushes, it caters to the needs of both novice and expert artists alike. Each brush offers 90 customizable parameters, allowing for better and more realistic effects suitable for the kings of drawing and painting.

Advanced functions such as hue and brightness adjustments, Bluetooth stylus detection, and playback enhance the creative process. Compatible with devices like the Samsung Galaxy Tab, HiPaint also supports shortcut keys, selection expansion, selection deformation, and a transform tool, making it a powerful tool for any digital artist.

hipaint apk

Light User Interface

HiPaint offers a simple user interface that provides more space for creativity, allowing users to focus entirely on their digital drawing. Quick sliders make it easy to adjust brush thickness and opacity on the fly. The new dark mode UI is more straightforward, powerful, and better suited for finger drawing. Additionally, the Speed Paint feature enables users to create speed paintings efficiently.

Brushes Features

The app boasts over 90 kinds of brushes, including leaf brushes, airbrushes, digital pens, sketch brushes, ink brushes, flat brushes, pencils, oil brushes, charcoal brushes, crayons, stamps, and more. These brushes are designed to meet most artistic needs. With 90 customizable brush parameters, artists can achieve highly realistic drawing effects. HiPaint also includes a Brush Studio, where users can design and customize their brushes to suit their specific requirements.

Colour Features

HiPaint makes colour selection a breeze with its Eyedropper tool, which allows users to pick the perfect colour effortlessly. The Paint Bucket Tool helps in filling areas with colour quickly. The app also features a colour palette and keeps track of the seven colours used most recently, making it easy to switch between them.

Layer Features

The well-organized layer management interface supports up to 100 layers, making complex artwork creation efficient. Multiple adjustable layer parameters and over 20 layer blend modes provide professional-grade composition capabilities. Layer groups further simplify the management of intricate artworks.

hipaint apk mod

Other Digital Painting Tools

HiPaint includes a stabilizer that smooths and perfects strokes in real time to enhance drawing precision and detail. Users can directly insert shapes like lines, rectangles, and ovals into their artwork. The app also offers canvas flip options (both horizontal and vertical) and symmetry visual guides. Artists can import images for editing or use them as art references, using stroke stabilization and clipping mask features.

Finishing Effects

HiPaint APK for Android provides various filters and adjustments such as Gaussian filters, HSB, RGB adjustments, and real-time Hue/Saturation/Brightness tuning. Gaussian and Motion Blur filters add depth and movement to artwork, while the Sharpen filter ensures perfect clarity. The Sketch Filter helps extract lines from an artwork for further refinement.

Multi-touch Gestures

The app supports intuitive multi-touch gestures: two-finger tap to undo, three-finger tap to redo, and pinch gestures to zoom in/out and rotate the canvas. Long pressing on the screen activates the Eyedropper tool, and additional finger taps can create perfect circles, squares, and straight lines at specific angles.

Download HiPaint MOD APK 5.0.10 (Premium Unlocked) for Android

The HiPaint MOD APK 5.0.10 offers a convenient and enhanced painting experience for Android users with its pro features unlocked. The app provides a wide range of tools and options to unleash creativity and create stunning artwork on the go. With its user-friendly interface and smooth performance, the Hi Paint app is valuable to any artist’s digital toolkit. Don’t miss out on exploring the full potential of HiPaint. Download now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does HiPaint support multi-touch gestures?

HiPaint supports intuitive multi-touch gestures such as a two-finger tap to undo, a three-finger tap to redo, a pinch to zoom in/out and rotate the canvas, and a long press to activate the Eyedropper tool.

Can I customize the brushes in HiPaint?

HiPaint provides 90 customizable brush parameters, allowing you to adjust each brush for better and more realistic drawing effects.

Can I import images into HiPaint?

You can import images to edit or use as references in your artwork. This feature is handy for creating speed paintings and detailed illustrations.

Download HiPaint -Sketch Draw Paint it!

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