Oji AI Art MOD APK v1.13.0 (Premium Unlocked) for Android


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App NameOji: AI Avatar Photo Generator
PublisherPrequel Inc.
GenreArt & Design
Size103 MB
Latest Version1.13.0
MOD InfoPro Unlocked
Get it OnGoogle Play
UpdateJuly 6, 2024

Download Oji AI Art MOD APK v1.13.0 for Android to create anime-style avatars and customize your photos with unique stickers and effects.

Welcome to the world of Oji AI Art MOD APK, the innovative AI-powered art revolution by Prequel Inc set to transform the way users create avatars in 2024. Oji AI Art’s advanced AI avatar photo generator offers a seamless way to generate personalized anime, manga, and cartoon avatars with just one photo. 

Whether you’re looking for vibrant 2000’s, iconic 60’s, or realistic interpretations, this android app blends retro photo effects and the latest AI technology to deliver stunning results.
Experience creativity like never before and transform your profile with Oji AI Art’s picture generator, crafted by 3D art experts and inspired by legends like Miyazaki. Subscribe now and explore a range of styles for your new profile!

Oji AI Art

What is Oji AI?

Oji AI is an innovative app developed to tap into the creative world of anime, providing users with a wide selection of AI-produced aesthetics and looks. With Oji AI, you can effortlessly generate images based on your portrait pictures, including styles from 90’s anime like “Anime Akira” or even classic sitcom eras.

This app is good for creating a new profile pic or engaging in custom sticker creation. Whether you want to touch the app for quick edits or browse through an array of pre-made options, Oji AI ensures a seamless user experience.

The developers of Oji AI have included a variety of features to enhance creativity, such as the ability to filter and guide users through different styles, making the app not just a tool but an enjoyable journey. From anime school settings to futuristic themes, you can travel through time and leap into 2049 with ease.   

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How does Oji: AI Avatar Photo Generator work?

Oji: AI Avatar Photo Generator is an app that uses the power of artificial intelligence to create unique and mesmerizing edits based on your portrait photos. Here is how it works:

Oji AI Art premium apk
  • Sticker Packs for Messengers: You can turn your photos into fun, expressive cartoon stickers in various styles. Create personalized sticker packs to add a unique touch to your conversations across all messengers. Exporting them is a breeze!
  • AI-Powered Realistic Edits: Wonder how you’d look in a latex costume, as a sitcom character, or with a vintage vibe? Oji’s advanced AI styles, including Latex, Sitcom, Retro, Vintage, and Muscle, transform your appearance while preserving your identity. 
  • Anime and Cartoon Styles: Become an anime or cartoon character with specialized styles like 90’s Anime, Anime School, Fairytale, Miyazaki, Kawaii, and more. Oji ensures your true self shines through, even in digital avatars. You can also apply these styles to videos! 
  • Photo Time Travel: With a tap, you can see yourself in iconic eras like the ’60s, vibrant 2000s, classic sitcom era (70s-90s), or even leap into 2049. Oji makes time travel accessible and effortless.

Oji AI Art MOD APK – Create avatars, Custom Stickers and Transform Photos 

Oji AI Art MOD APK allows you to transform photos and create unique avatars, custom stickers, and more. This app isn’t a waste of money; it enables you to generate an image or even videos as well, saving time and effort in creating engaging visuals.

With its video2video feature, you can breathe new life into your old clips, giving them a new look or a dreamy vintage look. In addition to still images, the app supports video generation, allowing for dynamic content creation. Imagine the images you have generated and how they can represent your user profile or brand.

The app offers a wide array of choices, ensuring that you have countless customization options. In the next few months, more features will be generated over time, expanding your creative possibilities. Ready to see your creations transform? Yep, it’s like opening up a whole new universe of digital art and transformation!

Oji AI Art APK

Key Features of Oji AI Art APK Latest Version

Oji AI app offers users a glimpse into the possibilities of artificial intelligence in the realm of digital art creation. With an array of advanced features and intuitive tools, Oji AI Art APK provides artists and enthusiasts alike with a platform to explore their artistic vision like never before.

Turn Your Selfie into AI Art

Oji AI Art MOD APK transforms your ordinary selfies into stunning digital art pieces. Utilizing advanced algorithms, it can turn your photos into different artistic styles, from classical paintings to modern digital art. This feature allows you to see yourself in a completely new light, making your images more captivating and unique.

Discover Your Anime Self

Ever wondered what you’d look like as an anime character? Oji AI can convert your photos into anime-style portraits. Choose from a variety of anime aesthetics, including iconic 90’s anime styles and contemporary designs, to find your perfect anime alter ego. It’s a fun and creative way to reimagine yourself.

Use Customizable Backgrounds

Oji AI Art Generator APK offers customizable backgrounds for your avatar photos, allowing you to select from various themes and landscapes. Whether you prefer a serene beach, a bustling cityscape, or a fantasy world, you can also upload your own background image to create a personalized setting that enhances your avatar’s appearance.

Try Emotion Filters

Express specific emotions with Oji AI’s emotion filters, designed to enhance expressions like happiness, surprise, sadness, or mystery. These filters act as an emotional mood board for your avatars, enabling you to convey exactly how you feel through your digital portraits.

oji ai avatar photo generator

Transform Your Age

Curious about how you’ll look in the future or want to revisit your younger self? Oji AI’s age transformation feature lets you visualize yourself as both older and younger. This digital time machine provides a fascinating glimpse into different stages of life.

Hairstyle Customization

Experiment with a variety of hairstyles using Oji AI. You can try out different cuts, colors, and lengths—from pixie cuts to long waves or even a funky mohawk. This feature helps you find the perfect look without any real-life commitment.

Accessories Galore

Add flair to your avatars with Oji AI Picture Generator extensive range of accessories. From glasses and hats to funky earrings and necklaces, you can personalize your avatars to match your style. These accessories help make your digital portraits more expressive and unique.

Style Your Videos

Oji AI doesn’t just stop at photos; it allows you to style your videos as well. Apply various artistic filters and effects to transform your video content, making it more engaging and visually appealing for your audience.

Generate Social Media Avatars

Create unique social media avatars with Oji AI. The app provides tools to generate avatars that reflect your personality and style, perfect for profile pictures on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Stand out online with custom-made digital representations of yourself.

oji picture generator

Download Oji AI Art MOD APK v1.13.0 (Premium Unlocked)

The Oji AI Art generator latest version offers a unique and innovative way to enhance your creativity through artificial intelligence technology. With premium unlocked features, users can enjoy an enhanced experience in creating stunning artworks effortlessly.

The user-friendly interface and advanced tools make it easy for both beginners and experienced artists to explore their creative potential. You’ll have access to a wide range of artistic possibilities at your fingertips. Embrace the future of digital art with Oji AI Art MOD APK v1.13.0 today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Oji AI Art MOD APK free to use?

Yes, Oji AI Art offers a free version with plenty of features to explore. And it also offers premium and additional features unlocked for free.

Is Oji AI Art good for creating videos?

Yes, Oji AI Art allows you to style your videos by applying various artistic filters and effects. This feature helps make your video content more engaging and visually appealing for your audience.

Download Oji: AI Avatar Photo Generator

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