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App NamePixAI: AI Anime Art Generator
PublisherMewtant Inc.
Size29 MB
Latest Version2.0.0
MOD InfoUnlimited Credits
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UpdateJune 3, 2024

Download Pixai.Art MOD APK for unlimited credits on your Android device. Explore AI tools and generate stunning anime artwork effortlessly.

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital creativity, Pixai.Art MOD APK is a revolutionary Android app that bridges the gap between technology and artistic expression. Utilizing cutting-edge artificial intelligence, Pixai.Art transforms user inputs into stunning art pieces, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in digital design. 

Whether you’re a seasoned artist looking to experiment with new techniques or a novice eager to explore a new hobby, it offers an intuitive, user-friendly interface to help you create unique masterpieces. Dive into a world where imagination meets innovation, and discover how Pixai.Art – AI Art Generator APK is redefining the future of art. 

pixai.art generator

What Is Pixai.Art?

Pixai.Art is a creative platform developed by Mewtant Inc. that allows users to explore and generate images effortlessly. Advanced AI technology and various AI models help users create unique and stunning art pieces. With Pixai’s image generator, you can easily edit your creations or use character templates to design new characters and styles. 

Pixai.Art also provides a variety of “loras,” AI models designed to help you easily create specific characters and styles. These style loras make it simple to redefine artistic boundaries and bring your creative ideas to life. Whether you’re an experienced artist or just starting, Pixai.Art can help you explore new artistic possibilities and enhance your projects.

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How Does Pix.Art MOD APK Create AI-Generated Art?

Pix.Art MOD APK creates AI-generated art by utilizing advanced artificial intelligence algorithms. These algorithms are trained on a vast image dataset, allowing the AI to learn various artistic styles and techniques. When a user inputs a prompt or uploads an image, the AI interprets this input and generates a unique piece of art by referencing its learned patterns and styles. The process typically involves several steps:

  • Input: The user provides a prompt or uploads an image.
  • Interpretation: The AI analyzes the input to understand the desired outcome.
  • Generation: Using its trained models, the AI creates a new image that reflects the input’s intent.
  • Refinement: The user can often tweak the result using editing tools provided within the app.

Transform Imagination Into Captivating Artwork with a cutting-edge AI Art Generator


Pixai is an AI-driven anime art generator designed to transform your imagination into captivating artwork. With its user-friendly interface, Pixai makes it easy for beginners and professionals to start creating immediately.

Leveraging state-of-the-art AI algorithms, Pixai produces high-resolution anime art closely mimics hand-drawn illustrations, ensuring every piece is detailed and vibrant.

It allows users to choose from various artistic styles, adjust character features such as hairstyles, clothing, and expressions, add backgrounds, and set scenes to place characters in different environments. This flexibility makes it possible to create unique and personalized artwork.

What Are the Key Features of Pixai Art MOD APK?

Pixai offers numerous features for artists and creators. It serves as a source of inspiration for those in need of fresh ideas or new directions. For larger projects like comics or storyboards, Pixai can significantly save time on illustration work. Additionally, its accessibility means that even individuals without traditional drawing skills can create beautiful anime art. Its key features are quite extensive and cater specifically to anime art creation.

Anime Art Generation

Pixai is designed to generate anime-style artwork from text prompts, explicitly catering to AI artists interested in anime art. This feature allows users to bring their creative visions to life with minimal effort, transforming simple descriptions into detailed and vibrant anime illustrations.

Highly Customizable

Users can modify various aspects of image generation, such as sampling steps, CFG scale, face fix, and HiRes settings. This high level of customization ensures that each piece of artwork can be tailored to meet the specific needs and preferences of the artist.

Multiple Models and LoRAs

Pixai offers a wide range of models, Learning-based Representations of Anime (LoRAs), and ControlNet options to enhance the image creation process. These diverse tools enable artists to experiment with different styles and achieve unique artistic outcomes.

User-Friendly Interface

The platform boasts an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, making generating images straightforward once the prompt is defined. This accessibility allows novice and experienced users to navigate the tool quickly and efficiently.


Constant Development

Pixai is continuously evolving, having expanded from a simple text-prompt-based service to include features like comic creation, animated comics, and real-time artwork generation. This ongoing development ensures that users have access to cutting-edge tools and capabilities.

Multiple Generation Options

Beyond just anime art, Pixai enables users to create comics and animated comics and utilize real-time art generation. This versatility provides artists with a broad spectrum of creative possibilities and applications.

Free Image Generation

Many of Pixai’s features and services are accessible on the free plan, allowing users to explore and create without financial barriers. This inclusivity makes high-quality art generation accessible to a broad audience.

Model Market

Pixai includes a comprehensive Model Market where users can discover many AI models, including exclusive ones like LoRA. This marketplace fosters innovation by providing access to diverse and specialized tools for artistic creation.

Powerful Editing Tools

Inpaint and outpaint tools are available to modify image details and tailor images to exact specifications. These editing capabilities ensure that artists can refine their work to perfection.


Online LoRA/Character and Style Template Training

Tools for crafting characters and style LoRAs online are provided, allowing users to develop personalized templates that enhance their creative projects. This feature supports the creation of consistent and distinct artistic styles.

A vibrant artists’ community exists within Pixai, where users can explore, share work, and engage with other artists—this marketplace and gallery foster collaboration and inspiration among creatives.

Artistic Events and Competitions

Monthly competitions are held to showcase talent within the Pixai community. These events provide opportunities for recognition, skill development, and community engagement.

Picture to Art

Pixai can transform photos into animated characters, bridging the gap between reality and anime art. This feature allows users to animate personal pictures or other images creatively.

Rich AI Drawing Tools

Tools like ControlNet, Extract Descriptions from Images, and Hi-Res Upscaling are available to enhance creativity and detail in artwork. These advanced tools provide artists with powerful resources for their projects.

Exclusive Models

Users have access to the best SD anime models exclusive to Pixai, ensuring they can create top-tier artwork with unique features not available elsewhere.


Credit System

Users can earn credits through daily logins, events, and competitions, providing additional benefits for active participation. This credit system incentivizes engagement and rewards creativity.

Membership Perks

Members can access special badges, profile customization options, and exclusive credit packages. These perks enhance the user experience and provide additional value for dedicated users.

Diverse Artistic Models: From Anime to Stunning Lora-inspired Artwork

Pixai.ai anime art generator has diverse artistic models that create breathtaking artwork ranging from classic anime to Lora-inspired masterpieces. This AI-powered image tool effortlessly empowers users to produce stunning virtual characters and backgrounds. Incorporating advanced technology, it allows users to create and manipulate style loras with ease quickly. The platform bridges the gap between imagination and reality, enabling users to explore their artistic potential effortlessly.

Download Pixai.Art MOD APK (Latest Version, Unlimited Credits)

Pixai.Art premium APK with unlimited credits offers digital artists and enthusiasts a streamlined and enhanced experience. The latest version ensures that users can access the most up-to-date features, allowing for greater creativity and efficiency in their work.

With various tools, the application caters to both novice and professional artists. Exploring official options may be worthwhile for those interested in maximizing their artistic potential legally. Download Pixai. Art today and let your creativity flourish responsibly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CFG in Pixai.art?

CFG, or Control Flow Graph, dictates how strictly the AI adheres to your prompt. Lower values might yield more details, while higher values ensure all aspects of the prompt are included.

Is Pixai. Art mod apk free to use?

Pixai.art offers free of cost all the premium features and unlimited free credits.

Download PixAI: AI Anime Art Generator

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