Xingtu MOD APK v10.2.0 for Android (Premium Unlocked)

xingtu mod apk

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App NameXingtu Photo Editor
PublisherBeijing Yanxuan Technology
Size145 MB
Latest Version10.2.0
MOD InfoVIP Unlocked
Get it OnGoogle Play
UpdateJuly 12, 2024

Download Xingtu MOD APK v10.2.0 (Premium Unlocked), the latest version of this powerful photo editing application for Android. Transform your photos with Xingtu now! 

Xingtu MOD APK, an innovative photo and video editing app, has rapidly gained popularity among creators and social media enthusiasts. This cutting-edge platform, developed by China’s tech giant Beijing Yanxuan Technology, offers users an impressive suite of tools for crafting visually stunning content.

With features like advanced filters, retouching capabilities, and various creative effects, Xingtu Photo Editor empowers users to transform ordinary photos and videos into artistic masterpieces. Its user-friendly interface ensures that beginners and seasoned editors can easily navigate and utilize its powerful functionalities.

As digital content creation continues to dominate our daily lives, Xingtu stands out as a must-have app, enabling individuals and influencers to elevate their visual storytelling to new heights. 


What Does the Xingtu Photo Editing App do?

The Xingtu APK for Android is a photo editing application that offers a wide range of features to enhance and modify images. Users can access a variety of filters to change the appearance and style of their photos, along with editing tools like cropping, rotating, and adjusting brightness, contrast, saturation, and sharpness.

It provides numerous effects such as blur, vignette, and color splash for creative touches. Users can also retouch portraits by smoothing skin, removing blemishes, and whitening teeth. The app includes a collage maker with different layout options, text, and stickers for personalization.

Background removal, frames, borders, meme templates, and batch editing features enhance the editing experience. Overall, the Xingtu Photo Editing App offers a comprehensive set of tools for editing and enhancing photos with a user-friendly interface and a wide range of creative options.

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How Xingtu APK for Android works?

Xingtu MOD APK is a photo editing application that allows Android users to create stunning collages and enhance selfies effortlessly. Famous among TikTok users, it provides many unique photo editing tools, such as the almighty retouching artifact to manipulate facial features.

Say goodbye to flat images and unleash your creative potential. You can install Xingtu easily and edit using features like stickers and drag-and-drop controls. After the installation, Xingtu offers an entirely free experience despite its advanced capabilities.

The application also enhances selfies, ensuring users can present their most fashionable and beautiful photos. Thanks to its intuitive interface, you can swipe and press a button accordingly to make edits. Besides Android, iOS users can also use Xingtu to access its features.

What are the Exciting Features of Xingtu MOD APK Latest Version?

The Xingtu Photo Editing App offers a variety of features to enhance your photos. These features make creating professional-looking images and animations from your mobile device easy. Whether you want to make subtle adjustments or create eye-catching motion pictures, Xingtu has the necessary tools.

Photo Motion Tools

Create animated photos effortlessly with our innovative tools, keeping up with the popular TikTok trend. Bring your photos to life and stand out from the crowd.

Frames, Filters, and Overlays

Explore a vast selection of frames, filters, and overlays to enhance your images and add a touch of style. With hundreds of options available, you can easily find the perfect look for your photos.

Adjustment Tools

Fine-tune every aspect of your photos, from brightness and contrast to saturation and exposure. You can achieve the ideal image with tools like vignette, sharpness, white balance, and hue adjustments.

Crop and Rotate

Easily modify your photos or use preset options tailored for platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. Quickly adjust the composition of your images to create visually appealing posts.


Personalize your photos with a diverse collection of cute and fun stickers. Add a playful touch to your images and make them uniquely yours.

Text and Drawing

Enhance your photos by adding text in various fonts or drawing directly. Express your creativity and make your images more engaging.

High-Resolution Sharing

Share your artwork seamlessly on social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, and TikTok without watermarks. Maintain the quality of your images with high-resolution uploads.

Animation Effects

Bring dynamic movement to your photos with easy-to-use animation tools. Create eye-catching effects that make your images come alive.

Live Wallpapers & GIFs

Transform your photos into captivating live wallpapers or GIFs using a variety of animation effects. Make your creations even more interactive and engaging.

No Watermark

Share your edited photos without any watermarks, ensuring your original work is showcased in full glory.

High-Resolution Output

Export your edited photos, live wallpapers, or high-resolution GIFs for precise and quality images. Preserve the details and vibrant colors of your creations.


Dark Mode Editing

Optimize your editing experience with dark mode, which is perfect for creating stunning overlays or adjusting filters to match a dark theme. Explore new possibilities with a different aesthetic approach.

Tips And Tricks For Using Latest Version Of Xingtu APK

Here are some helpful tips and tricks to make the most out of the latest version of Xingtu APK. Whether you’re a new user or a seasoned pro, these tips will help you quickly navigate the features and functionalities of Xingtu MOD APK. Let’s dive in and discover how to enhance your experience with this application.

  • Introduce the Xingtu App: Familiarize yourself with the app’s interface. Xingtu is known for its ease of use and essential functions that allow you to customize and edit your selfies to create vivid, great photos.
  • Privacy and Cookies: Always review the privacy policy to understand how your data is used. Xingtu’s privacy policy can be found on their official website.
  • Advantages of the App: It offers a range of editing tools that are integral to creating a perfect selfie. You can adjust the chin, smooth the skin, and apply various filters.
  • Application Also Provides: Look for additional features like creative filters, magical effects, and beauty enhancements that the application provides to take your photos to the next level.
  • Preview and Screenshots: Use the preview function to see edits before finalizing them. You can also take screenshots of your favorite settings for future reference.
  • Ease of Use: Tap to select different editing tools and options. The app is designed to be user-friendly so you can make changes with just a few taps.
  • Customize Your Experience: Remember to explore the app’s settings to customize your editing experience to your liking.
  • Refer to Help: If you need clarification on any feature, refer to the app’s help section or tutorials to better understand how to use it.
  • Able to Edit: Remember, with Xingtu, you can edit almost every photo aspect, so experiment with different tools to find what works best for you.

Download Xingtu MOD APK v10.2.0 (Premium Unlocked)

Xingtu APK v10.2.0 offers users a unique opportunity to access premium features unlocked for an enhanced experience. With its user-friendly interface and diverse customization options, this app stands out as a valuable tool for personalizing their devices.

The seamless performance and regular updates further contribute to its appeal among tech enthusiasts. So, download Xingtu MOD APK v10.2.0 as it can provide users with a convenient way to customize their devices without any limitations. Take advantage of this opportunity to unlock new possibilities on your device today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my data safe with Xingtu? 

The app ensures that data privacy and security practices are upheld, with data being encrypted in transit and no data shared with third parties.

Can I post my edited photos directly to social media? 

Yes, with Xingtu, you can post your no-watermark high-resolution artwork directly to platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, and TikTok.

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